(released on 13.09.2017)

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Unsurprisingly, 0.9.5 came out eventually. Today.2017-09-14 20:25:28

Themis 0.9.4 is out now!2016-11-22 18:09:17

Themis 0.9.3 is released!2016-05-24 16:59:33


0.9.52017-09-13 12:03:34


Mostly usability fixes for wrappers.


  • You can now download pre-built Themis packages from our package server.
  • Enhanced building process for MacOS (working now!) (https://github.com/cossacklabs/themis/issues/215).
  • Enhanced building process for Debian 9.x (working even better now!).
  • Updated documentation and examples to make it easier to understand.
  • Now we use Bitrise as a separate CI for iOS wrapper.
  • Test and code coverage are automagically measured now!


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0.9.42016-11-22 18:31:44

This is tiny intermediary release to lock ongoing changes in stable form for all languages:
- BoringSSL support on Android and Linux
- Fixed some leaks and code styling problems (thanks to @bryongloden)
- Memory management updates for stability in languages, which rely on sloppy GC
- Fix Themis build errors under certain conditions
- Secure Comparator examples for many languages
- Swift3 support + numerous enhancements from @valeriyvan, thanks a lot!
- GoThemis: fixed rare behavior in Secure Session wrapper
- GoThemis examples
- JsThemis syntax corrections and style fixes
- JsThemis Nan usage to enhance compatibility
- More and better Themis Server examples
- Enhanced error messages (now with proper spelling!)
- Corrections for RD_Themis

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Updating podspec to be compatible with CocoaPods 1.0

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0.9.32016-05-25 14:24:25


- Lots of new high-level language wrappers
- Enhanced documentation
- Lots of various demo projects
- Updated Themis Server
- Better make system verbosity (now you can actually see what succeeded and what didn't)
- Infrastructure to build Java on all platforms

- iOS wrapper now has umbrella header.
- We added Swift language examples and howto.
- Themis wrapper for Go language: howto (examples coming soon).
- Themis wrapper for NodeJS: examples and howto.
- Google Chrome-friendly spin-off called WebThemis was released.
- Themis wrapper for C++: examples and howto.
- Secure Comparator got serious updates to eliminate possible security drawbacks pointed out by cryptographic community.

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0.9.22015-11-06 14:13:21


- Much better documentation
- We've introduced Themis Server, interactive environment to debug your apps and learn how Themis works.
- Tests for all platforms and languages.
- Themis is now integrated with Circle CI, with controls every repository change and tests it
- Added conditional compilation for advanced features (see 4.5 and our blog for more information)
- Doxygen-friendly comments in code

- Python Themis wrapper is now Python 3 / PEP friendly.
- Android Themis wrapper for Secure Message now works in Sign/Verify mode, too.
- PHP Themis wrapper now supports Secure Session (although with some advice on use cases, see docs).
- iOS wrapper supports iOS 9, lots of minor fixes.
- Better exceptions and verbose errors in some wrappers.
- Longer RSA keys support
- Better abstractions for cryptosystem parameters like key lengths.
- Zero Knowledge Proof-based authentication called Secure Comparator. Advanced experimental feature.

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5ad6ed217ff0ebfc...2017-09-20 02:27:15 vixentael

iOS tests (#232) * re-factor iOS wrapper tests (#231)

450554e5380550b4...2017-09-13 18:03:24 vixentael

fix pck: update makefile for rpm again and again

e46eb10ed63861b6...2017-09-13 17:51:40 vixentael

fix pck: update makefile for rpm again

9b4fa0c2dc45bfd7...2017-09-13 17:42:37 vixentael

upd packages: rm unneeded scripts for dev package

4df7e38eaaecb5d0...2017-09-13 17:29:46 vixentael

upd makefile: fix rpm dependencies


#230 Swift4 Support

2017-09-13 13:43:02 vixentael

Because why not.

  • Check if wrapper is compatible with swift4.
  • Update examples for swift4.

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#226 Come up with better distribution scheme for Swift Themis on Linux

2017-09-11 11:58:36 vixentael

As result of this issue (https://github.com/cossacklabs/themis/issues/198) we can be sure that Themis is working on Linux.

@mnaza has created separate repos for it

We should re-think how to integrate Themis Linux into main repo OR how to make it more usable (including writing docs).

No detailed plan yet, but this issue will be our reminder!

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#223 Use BoringSSL for iOS Themis

2017-08-31 01:22:31 vixentael

Because we already using it for Android. Using OpenSSL becomes more and more questionable.

See discussion in https://github.com/cossacklabs/themis/issues/219

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#220 Can't decrypt messages between iOS and Android

2017-08-29 18:37:02 iONsky


in my iOS app I'm using themis 0.9.4 to encrypt and decrypt text messages and exchange them between two users. I do it by sharing the public key and use that to encrypt the message.
Now I started developing an android client and included also themis 0.9.4 by building it with boringSSL. I applied the same logic to encrypt and decrypt the messages but I can't decrypt them on iOS and the other way around.
I even tried to use the same private and public key on both platforms but that didn't work either.
Can someone please help me?

Thank you in advance


Key generation:
let keyGenerator = TSKeyGen(algorithm: .EC)

let tsmessage = TSMessage(inEncryptModeWithPrivateKey: privateKey, peerPublicKey: peerKey) tsmessage.wrap(message.data(using: String.Encoding.utf8))



Key generation
Keypair pair = KeypairGenerator.generateKeypair(AsymmetricKey.KEYTYPE_EC);

SecureMessage secureMessage = new SecureMessage(privateKey, peerKey); secureMessage.wrap(message.getBytes("UTF-8")
secureMessage.unwrap(Base64.decode(message.getBytes(), Base64.NO_WRAP));

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iOS tests (#232)

2017-09-20 02:46:54

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#197 Add openssl isolated keys 2017-05-18 13:41:40mnazaAdd openssl isolated keys