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Themis 0.9.4 is out now!2016-11-22 18:09:17

Themis 0.9.3 is released!2016-05-24 16:59:33

Themis Server is public now2015-11-04 00:22:02


0.9.42016-11-22 18:31:44

This is tiny intermediary release to lock ongoing changes in stable form for all languages:
- BoringSSL support on Android and Linux
- Fixed some leaks and code styling problems (thanks to @bryongloden)
- Memory management updates for stability in languages, which rely on sloppy GC
- Fix Themis build errors under certain conditions
- Secure Comparator examples for many languages
- Swift3 support + numerous enhancements from @valeriyvan, thanks a lot!
- GoThemis: fixed rare behavior in Secure Session wrapper
- GoThemis examples
- JsThemis syntax corrections and style fixes
- JsThemis Nan usage to enhance compatibility
- More and better Themis Server examples
- Enhanced error messages (now with proper spelling!)
- Corrections for RD_Themis

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Updating podspec to be compatible with CocoaPods 1.0

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0.9.32016-05-25 14:24:25


- Lots of new high-level language wrappers
- Enhanced documentation
- Lots of various demo projects
- Updated Themis Server
- Better make system verbosity (now you can actually see what succeeded and what didn't)
- Infrastructure to build Java on all platforms

- iOS wrapper now has umbrella header.
- We added Swift language examples and howto.
- Themis wrapper for Go language: howto (examples coming soon).
- Themis wrapper for NodeJS: examples and howto.
- Google Chrome-friendly spin-off called WebThemis was released.
- Themis wrapper for C++: examples and howto.
- Secure Comparator got serious updates to eliminate possible security drawbacks pointed out by cryptographic community.

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0.9.22015-11-06 14:13:21


- Much better documentation
- We've introduced Themis Server, interactive environment to debug your apps and learn how Themis works.
- Tests for all platforms and languages.
- Themis is now integrated with Circle CI, with controls every repository change and tests it
- Added conditional compilation for advanced features (see 4.5 and our blog for more information)
- Doxygen-friendly comments in code

- Python Themis wrapper is now Python 3 / PEP friendly.
- Android Themis wrapper for Secure Message now works in Sign/Verify mode, too.
- PHP Themis wrapper now supports Secure Session (although with some advice on use cases, see docs).
- iOS wrapper supports iOS 9, lots of minor fixes.
- Better exceptions and verbose errors in some wrappers.
- Longer RSA keys support
- Better abstractions for cryptosystem parameters like key lengths.
- Zero Knowledge Proof-based authentication called Secure Comparator. Advanced experimental feature.

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0.9.12015-06-02 15:39:52

This release includes updates for mobile platforms and OS X:
- Objective-C wrapper becomes more developer-friendly
- updated Android wrapper for compatibility with Android 5 and x86
- updated Python wrapper to build on OSX, updated Enum dependences

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b9a91f642ec65fed...2017-05-24 10:03:42 karenswry

Added 3 iilustrations for Attacks on Cryptosystems

f9fe9362ddbaac30...2017-05-23 07:51:33 Lagovas

Merge pull request #200 from mnaza/make_dist Add dist target for distribution building

487fc24c735e69b6...2017-05-23 06:12:26 storojs72

Update secure_comparator_t.h Some refinements of a comment

03c7ef4a69027a34...2017-05-22 11:00:59 mnaza

add sh extension to .\/scripts\/pp

35baf9904bf0352c...2017-05-22 10:41:56 mnaza

Add scripts folder


#198 Can Themis be used from a Swift project on Linux?

2017-05-18 16:21:50 popaaaandrei


Can anyone tried integrating Themis library in a Swift project on Linux?
Theoretically it should work by creating a module map around the C++ library but has anyone succeeded?

I want to exchange data securely between iOS and a Vapor backend deployed on Ubuntu.

Thank you!

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#192 Fighting the pesticide paradox

2017-02-14 10:01:25 gene-eu

If the same tests are repeated over and over again, eventually the same set of test cases will no longer find any new defects. To overcome this “pesticide paradox”, test cases need to be regularly reviewed and revised, and new and different tests need to be written to exercise different parts of the software or system to find potentially more defects

I think it would be valuable to discuss tests for 0.9.5, given recent challenges we've encountered with Themis in different environments. Current test coverage is fine for crypto part, but integration part could be covered a bit better, innit?

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#186 Add notes to docs about scell context imprint and smessage ssign/verify

2017-02-02 13:32:38 Lagovas

  1. add note to docs about non-error decrypting in scell context imprint mode without errors. Token protect and seal modes return error if can't decrypt, context imprint mode return corrupted data without any signals about error. I think it should be noted for users who doesn't know that it's ok for block ciphers

  2. add note that smessage sverify doesn't signal about appending data to end of block and return correct signed data from start of block, excluding incorrect data at the end. but check and signal about error when incorrect data appended to start of block

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#182 Distribute SComparator docs across all wrapper docs

2017-01-30 07:11:12 gene-eu

... the way it's described in Python now.

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Added 3 iilustrations for Attacks on Cryptosystems

2017-05-24 10:18:36

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#197 Add openssl isolated keys 2017-05-18 13:41:40mnazaAdd openssl isolated keys